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Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate

The Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate offers a quick and affordable solution to protect an unlimited number of subdomains under a main domain. Whether you’re a small business or an individual looking to secure your website, this wildcard certificate is a perfect fit. With its easy issuance process and high browser recognition, you can get the valuable “https” displayed on your main domain and all subdomains in just minutes.

Key Features

  • Domain Validated (DV) Certificate: The Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard is a basic DV certificate, which means it only requires verification of domain ownership. This makes the issuance process quick and hassle-free.
  • Unlimited Subdomain Protection: Secure all your subdomains with just one certificate. Whether you have a few subdomains or a large number of them, this wildcard certificate has you covered.
  • High Browser Recognition: With 99.3% browser recognition, the Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard is compatible with the most popular web browsers. This ensures that your website visitors will see the padlock icon, indicating a secure connection.
  • Static Site Seal: Display the Rapid Site Seal on your website to let your visitors know that their information is protected. The static site seal is a visual indicator of trust and can boost customer confidence in your online presence.
  • Unlimited Server Licensing: Install the certificate on multiple servers without any additional cost. This allows you to secure various servers under the same certificate.
  • Reissue Unlimited Times: If you need to move your certificate or make changes to it, you can reissue it an unlimited number of times during the validity period.
  • $10,000 Warranty: While the chances of a breach are slim, the Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard comes with a standard $10,000 warranty. In the unlikely event of a breach that causes financial losses to your customers, Comodo will compensate up to $10,000.

Why Choose Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard?

Whether you run a small online store or a personal blog, security should be a top priority. This SSL certificate provides you with the necessary security features to protect your main domain and all subdomains with ease. Its Domain Validated (DV) status ensures quick issuance, making it suitable for small websites or projects that require immediate SSL protection. The static site seal adds an extra layer of trust to your website, assuring your visitors that their sensitive information is safe and secure.

Additionally, the Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard offers excellent compatibility with web browsers and mobile devices. This means that your website will be accessible and secure for a vast majority of your visitors, regardless of the platform they use to access it.

With unlimited server licensing, you can deploy the certificate on multiple servers without incurring additional costs. This flexibility is beneficial for businesses with complex hosting setups or those that need to secure various subdomains under different servers.

In conclusion, the Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate is an affordable and efficient option for securing your website and its subdomains. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your online presence is protected by a trusted SSL certificate.

Protect your website and build customer trust with Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate!


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